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-No internal drama, if you are unsatisfied you notify the leadership to work out a solution.
-You are among adults - Behave like it
-You are always on discord and check up on new information regularly
-World Bosses are #1 priority. You are expected to come, no matter what you are currently doing ingame
- (For Core Raiders, does not apply to 2nd raiding group.) You are willing to roll Engineering as your primary profession, knowing that it's overall raid viability far outweighs other alternatives in Classic WoW.

-We care about your safety. Sharing your personal number, phone number, adress and/or credit card information is strictly against our rules, and will get you permanently removed from the guild. Being a part of any community is inherently social, but please beware of swapping or posting any private information that could be misused. That includes your age, country, school name, email, or other personal information that could put your privacy at risk. Simply put: don’t overshare. Spreading and encouraging others to spread personal data might get you in trouble.

<NewGen> is a safe place for gamers of all backgrounds. Harassment and hurtful content will not be tolerated. Using symbols, names and text that promote hate—as well as harassing, stalking, impersonating, and making sexual remarks towards someone—are considered abuse. The same goes for nudity and disturbing profile pictures and/or obnoxious usernames in our guild discord. NewGen reserves the right to replace images or remove these members from the guild at its sole discretion. Rule of thumb: if you are making someone feel attacked or hurt, then you shouldn’t be doing it. We take these reports seriously and may remove you from the guild without previous notice if such activity is verified by our administration board.

<NewGen> believes in honest progression. If you are scripting or partaking in an activity for the purposes of cheating/exploiting or sharing information and instructions about playing Classic World of Warcraft in a way that may impact the system, community, learning, data or experience in a negative or significant manner will get you permanently removed from the guild.

-Hateful, obscene and off-topic comments don’t contribute to a good gaming atmosphere. Cursing doesn’t either (let people discover those words in the wild). Leave them out of the guildchat and the guild discord.

-While wearing the <NewGen> tag you are the face of the organization. Your actions should reflect the values of the guild at all times.

Loot Council (Core Raid group only, does not apply to the 2nd raid group yet.)
Loot is predetermined by Class Leaders with the assistance of the guild's leadership. The order in which members will recieve loot is influenced by attendance, preparation, attitude and performance. Loot decisions always represents what's in the best interest of the guild.

As a member of NewGen you understand that a result of playing in a high performing raiding guild is that you will always get the gear that you are after, it's just a matter of time. You respect the loot decisions made by Class Leaders and wait with any questions regarding loot until after the raid.

You should always be ready to drop what you are doing and join the raid while on the bench.

Should a member have to go inactive for more than 7 days he should always report to his Class Leader in advance. Members that have been inactive for more than 7 days without telling their Class Leader, Social/Member Moderator or the Lead Council in advance will be removed from <NewGen>.

We believe that competition is a healthy way for a guild to stay efficient. We check logs after each raid as it is a good tool to help us in our decision making process to determine who gets benched and who gets a slot in the raid. We take into account that some essential specs such as Icy Veins mages, do less damage. The general idea is to reward high performing members and encourage weaker members to take action and step up.

The mission of the guildbank is to benefit the guild's members. The guildbank character is linked to the accounts of the Lead Council.
Gold Aquired Through Raiding
After each Core Raid (does not include 2nd raiding team) All gold that has been looted should be sent to the guildbank character Ngbank. Would you forget to do so you will be reminded 1 time before getting into serious trouble.
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